Nipple aspirator tractor nipple correction

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[material composition] polypropylene, silicone

[use time] prenatal
[Disinfection method] can be boiled, microwave oven disinfected or liquid disinfected.
1. If the nipple is injured, do not use it.
2. If you use a slight tension during pregnancy, stop using it immediately.
3, the nozzle can be boiled with boiling water, the pump can not be disinfected in any way.
4. When using before pregnancy, stimulating the breast will cause uterine contraction. If this phenomenon occurs, stop using it immediately.
5, if you use breast milk when using, please do not feed the baby.

Use tips


1, in order to better attract, it is recommended to moisturize and soften the skin before use, which can enhance the adsorption effect.


2, gently press the aligner pump head can produce a weaker attraction, pressing all of the aligner can produce a strong attraction. This can grasp the strength of traction according to your actual situation.


3, within a few days of use (about 3 days), the pro should observe the shape of the nipple and continue to use it as much as possible. The aligner can also be removed several times during the procedure, and the lower nipple can be gently massaged.

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