Sustainability in the Sexy Adult Toys Industry

With climate change becoming an increasing concern for many, it's natural to seek pleasure products that reduce their ecological impact while still giving you all the sensations you crave. Luckily, there are a variety of eco-friendly options that offer just that experience.

Womanizer of Berlin has developed a line of sexy adult toys made from Biolene - an eco-friendly material with rechargeable batteries to reduce landfill waste.

Recycled Materials

Most people are well aware that plastic water bottles, toxic makeup brushes and the gadgets we use for on-demand pleasure are damaging our planet. But the sex toy industry has taken notice, offering toys made from recycled materials with biodegradable lube.

Bobtoys of Vosges in France have long been recognized as leading eco-friendly sexy toys for men and women toymakers since 2010. Each toy designed and assembled by hand resembles an erotic sculpture while high-grade natural oils and waxes are used to finish them - far more eco-friendly than polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which pollutes production through disposal with harmful dioxins and phthalates, leading to health issues in humans and wildlife alike.

Womanizer stands out amongst other toy makers by employing innovative polymers like bioplastic. Derived from corn starch or other plant sources instead of oil byproducts, bioplastic is easier to break down for recycling than its plastic predecessors and makes up their Premium Eco pleasure air sex toy made out of it and organic cotton. They recently collaborated with Rose In Good Faith's ethical fashion label that transforms donated samples and rejected garments into raw material for reusable and recyclable sexy adult toys - another commitment they share towards reducing environmental footprint reduction!

Biodegradable Materials

By selecting adult sexy toys and lubes made with biodegradable materials, you'll be doing your part to protect the environment. Plastic condom wrappers, bottles of lube and toys that require batteries all contribute to landfill accumulations and polluted seas.

Sex toy companies have taken notice of the environmental crisis, reinventing their products with greener options. Lovehoney recycles customers' vibrators through a special chemical process which removes pathogens before sending them on to external recyclers for processing.

Lamon, founder of this brand, notes that silicone can be recycled many times without losing its properties, which makes them eco-friendly female lubricants toys that are body safe and biodegradable.

Consider also how far your sex toy must travel before reaching you; if a company needs to ship from another country, their carbon footprint increases significantly; where possible opt for local options instead.

Virtually all sex toy manufacturers now provide rechargeable pleasure products, enabling you to extend the lifespan of a toy while eliminating replacements altogether. Be sure to choose an appropriate lube which does not contain chemicals known to disrupt endocrine systems (especially phthalates).

Non-Toxic Materials

Before recently, most sex toys were often composed of plastic or silicone and contained harmful phthalates which could harm both you and the planet. With increased awareness, manufacturers are shifting towards producing non-toxic toys made with safe materials that also benefit our environment.

Finding non-toxic sex toys doesn't need to be an onerous task; now there are numerous options available in stores or online. Look for toys made with body-safe vegan lubricants free from phthalates or sustainable, rechargeable vibrators like Dildos available now.

Example: Charlotte York from Sex in the City can now find an eco toy version of her beloved rabbit from Sex in the City that's rechargeable with 12 vibration patterns for endless fun. Plus it uses renewable energy sources - like sunlight!

Be mindful when shopping for sex toys as some companies use vague terms like "sustainable" or "green", which could mean anything and might not put the best interests of their customers first. To prevent greenwashing and ensure you purchase what is needed only. Also try and buy locally or from companies which offset shipping emissions when possible to help minimize carbon emissions.

Organic Materials

Sex toy markets might not seem like ideal places for eco-friendly options, but that is shifting. As more consumers demand sustainable options, brands are looking at how they can green up their offerings; some even going as far as creating pleasure toys entirely made out of biodegradable materials.

Now, there is plenty of choice available to the environmentally conscious erotic consumer: glass dildos that double as modernist sculptures to vibrators with plant-based bases are just two examples. When considering products' full life cycles - from production, use and disposal - it is important to keep this in mind.

Not only are sex toys often thrown away after one use, but in many cases they must travel long distances before reaching you - consider what this journey has in terms of carbon emissions and packaging energy costs.

Start off right by selecting brands that prioritize sustainability and use organic materials at their source, such as Lovehoney who will recycle your old toy, while Ohcean offers toys made out of plastic recovered from our oceans. Ohcean also prioritizes manufacturing locally to reduce transporting such items long distances.